Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Here is you can find the best Wells Fargo credit card for you

The Wells Fargo credit cards provide competitive cashback, reward points, and consumer-friendly terms such as no annual fees, one-time bonuses, and introductory interest rates. 

Wells Fargo cards are available for multiple market segments that include offering rewards for students, consumers, and small business owners interested in several types of bonus earning and redemption methods.

We have reviewed the most popular consumer and business credit cards from Wells Fargo and provided them as the best in four valuable categories.

Best Wells Fargo Credit Cards in November 2021

·     Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card

·     Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card

·     Wells Fargo Cash Back College℠

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card


Get $150 after spending $500 in 3 months; balance transfers for 15 months and 0% APR on purchases.

We have chosen the Wells Fargo Cash Wise as the best cashback option from Wells Fargo due to its solid 1.5% cashback on all types of spending. That, too, coupled with no annual fee, makes this a perfect card for those who want a simple rewards points structure without special spending categories to keep track of. Or without the need to earn enough rewards to justify an annual fee.

New cardholders can earn a whopping $150 bonus after spending just $500 within three months. Additionally, there is a 0% APR offer on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months right after opening the account.


· No limit 1.5% cashback rewards on all types of purchases 

· Exciting 0% APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months after opening the account

· Cell phone protection


· A 3% foreign transaction fee

· Rewards varies with redemption thresholds

· No bonus categories

Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card


The choice to get a one-time $500 cashback bonus, or 50,000 bonus points after enrolling in the Business Card Rewards Points Program, and spend $5,000 within the first three months of account opening.

We added the Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card is the best business card from Wells Fargo due to its simple cashback and no annual fee structure as the consumer Cash Wise card, which makes it a good option for business owners who appreciate the exact value and lack of complication.

You can also add up to 99 employee cards at no charge to earn additional cashback on business purchases. Business Platinum cards provide the choice of reward points or cash back. 

You will need to meet the card’s initial spending requirements to get a substantial one-time cashback or points bonus, which is a really excellent opportunity.


· 0% introductory APR

· Flexible rewards structure

· No extra charges for employee cards (up to 99)


· Annual sales must be below $2 million

· Limited benefits

· Small one-time bonus compared to spending requirement

Wells Fargo Platinum Card

After going through other cards, we can say that The Wells Fargo Platinum Visa is the best balance transfer card from Wells Fargo. Why? Let’s see the options below:

The first reason is the introductory offer of 0% APR for whopping 18 months on transfers made within 2 months (60 days) after opening the account. It makes it one of the most extended 0% APR promotions by any bank, which gives you extra time to clear your balance without any interest. But, there is a 3% transfer fee, which can likely be justified given the potential savings in interest during the introductory period.


· 0% APR for longer time (18 months)

· Phone protection


· No rewards points program

· A 3% foreign transaction fees

Wells Fargo Cashback colleges (student card)

The Wells Fargo Cash Back College is the bill payment solution for the best student card from Wells Fargo due to its lucrative cashback structure on significant spending categories during the first six months. Don’t worry. You will still earn an infinite 1% cashback on every purchase once the introductory offer is expired. Isn’t that cool?

This card can be your companion if you are starting your credit journey because of no annual fee. It gives you the option to upgrade to any other cards as per your choice in the future. 


· Introductory cashback offers

· Nil APR promotions (0%)

· Best suitable as a student card, that includes cell phone protection


· You need existing Wells Fargo relationship to apply

· Lower cashback rate for more rewards

· Redemption after $20 in rewards

Types of Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Wells Fargo mainly issues Visa cards, with an option of selecting Mastercard for its business secured card. Also, it doesn’t issue any cards on the Discover or American Express networks. 

Wells Fargo’s cards include rewards points and cashback rewards, including secured card options for small businesses and consumers, also a card for college-going students.

Wells Fargo credit cards generally fall within these categories:

  • Cashback
  • Flexible reward points
  • Balance transfer on credit cards
  • Co-branded cards
  • Secured credit cards
  • Small business cards
  • Student cards

While Wells Fargo also offers a secured credit card for small businesses but does not currently offer a secured credit card for consumers.


How does the Wells Fargo Rewards Program Works?

You can earn Wells Fargo reward points at various levels based on the particular card. Cashback is earned in percentage back on the purchases. Both the cashback and reward points program make it the best choice for students.

Is a Wells Fargo Credit Card the Right Choice for Me?

Well, you will find several Wells Fargo credit cards for consumers and small businesses that earn handsome rewards and offer attractive benefits with 0% APR promotions. Most of its cards earn cashback or flexible reward points that allow you to use your rewards in many ways.

The introductory promotions with 0% APR give customers extra time to clear the bills or balances transferred from another credit card.

Here’re some of the advantages you can get from the Wells Fargo Credit Card.

Wells Fargo credit cards offer multiple benefits, totally depending upon the card that you select. We have discussed some earlier, and here are some more of the benefits that you may get on your credit card:

  • Automatic rental collision damage waiver
  • FICO score for free
  • Cell phone protection
  • Tour/Flight cancellation protection
  • Lost luggage insurance

What are the fees on Wells Fargo Credit Cards?

As of now, Wells Fargo consumer credit cards do not charge any annual fee. But, you will be charged a foreign transaction fee of 3% for all international purchases. Plus, you might be charged up to a $40 penalty for any late or even the returned payment.

What are the Interest Rates on these Credit Cards?

The Wells Fargo Interest rates are variable based on the Prime Rate. Many cards have a range of interest rates that are based on your credit score. 

Meanwhile, standard APRs vary between 11.15% and 24.99%, totally depending on your personal information and the type of card you apply for.

How much credit score do I need to get a Wells Fargo Credit Card?

You will get Wells Fargo credit cards with a good (670 FICO and above) credit score. The consumers do not get a secured credit card, but the businesses get one. 

You may not get Wells Fargo credit cards if you do not have a credit history or poor credit score. 

But, college students can start their credit journey with the student credit card.

Here is the information required to apply for a Wells Fargo credit card:

  • Full name (First and last)
  • Current Address
  • Phone number and valid email address
  • SSN (Social Security number)
  • Date of birth, Country of citizenship
  • Mother’s maiden name and housing status (rent/owned/other)
  • Monthly EMI or rent payment
  • Your Employment status and profession
  • Name and phone number of the employer
  • Duration at the current employer (years)
  • Total income (annual)
  • Information about non-taxable income?

After submitting the application online, you may receive an immediate decision. However, suppose the system is unable to approve your application. In those cases, you will receive a letter requesting more information or explaining the bank’s decision in seven to ten business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Please note that you may not be eligible for a new card bonus or 0% APR offer if you have opened a Wells Fargo credit card in the last 15 months and have already received a bonus or APR offer on that card.

Is the Wells Fargo customer service good?

Wells Fargo was ranked 8/11 in national card issuers in the J.D. Power U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study for the year 2020. The bank received a below-average score, which means some customers were not satisfied with the service. Here is why it may happen:

  1. The point is to keep in mind is that the bank was forced to make restitution for opening millions of accounts without any consent on behalf of the customers, and it might have caused the negative ratings.
  2. Now that the banking giant is under new management, we will know if the customer service improves.

What Are the History of Wells Fargo bank and credit card?

Wells Fargo was formed in 1852 by the same founders as American Express – William Fargo and Henry Wells to get an advantage from the booming gold rush started in 1848. Wells Fargo went through multiple acquisitions and mergers over the years. It includes the Crocker National Bank, Wachovia, and Norwest. Wells Fargo has now become a super bank operating coast-to-coast with over $1 trillion in assets. As said earlier, Wells Fargo’s credit operations rank eighth in the U.S., right behind Discover. 

Methods to Approach

We reviewed the offers, charges, and everything else for each available credit card from its website to find the best Wells Fargo credit cards. After gathering the data points, such as interest rates, annual fees, rewards cashback, and other benefits, we provided this complete guide to help you choose the best credit card for you.

We assigned the scores to all data points to compare the cards against each other and ranked basically for each type of customer. 

The credit cards obtaining the highest scores become our favorites for each of the categories. We will continuously monitor this information and update the information regularly to keep you updated. 


Wells Fargo Credit Cards

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