JetBlue Plus Card

It is worth noting that the JetBlue Plus card gives you an impressive 6 points for every dollar used on JetBlue purchases. It also comes with 50,000 bonus points when you spend $1000 on purchase and pay the fee entirely in the initial 90-day period. Additionally, it offers JetBlue-specific benefits, like an initial free checked bag.


  • Attractive Introduction Offers The card will welcome customers with an incentive to earn points focusing on low-cost spending and the possibility to transfer your balance to the card, but in exchange for the balance transfer fee. You can earn 50,000 bonus points upon spending $1000 on your purchases and paying the fee entirely during the first 30 days. The threshold for spending is pretty modest for a reward that can be applied to JetBlue flights as per our points estimation of $568. The initial zero-interest-rate on-balance transfers will be in effect to only 12 cycles of billing, which is a typical length for these deals. However, it is required to make the transaction within the first 45 days after opening the account. You must also pay a fee for the transfer that is either $5 or percent of the value of each transfer, which is the more remarkable.
  • Great Points Earnings Earn unlimited 6 points per dollar you invest in JetBlue purchases. Based on our estimate, that is 1.43 cents percent for JetBlue flights, which equates to 8.6 percent of earnings, a fantastic rate. Another benefit of the card can boost earning even more with a feature that will return the account with 10% points you’ve used to purchase an award flight after completing the journey. This cuts down by a tenth of the total amount you pay for a flight. Additionally, you can get an additional 5,000 points that’s about $65, when used to purchase flights on your anniversary date, regardless of how much or how little you’ve utilized the card throughout the year. You also earn 2 points per dollar at grocery stores and restaurants purchases, making this card at the very least rewarding as cashback cards that offer 2% back on these purchases, as long as you are looking for rewards that permit you to purchase JetBlue flights just as you would with cash.
  • Multiple JetBlue Benefits If you use your credit card to pay for flights with up to three travelers on the same flight and have bought (standard) Blue tickets, you will get your first check-in bag at no cost for JetBlue-operated flights. The high-rollers who have the card will also achieve JetBlue’s Mosaic status, which is the highest degree of its loyalty program when they spend a specific dollar amount with the card in a calendar year. Mosaic’s benefits include no cancellation or change charges, lower costs on Even More Space seats, early boarding, and complimentary alcohol-free beverages aboard. Cardmembers also get a one-time $100 statement credit which can be used to purchase JetBlue travel packages.


  • The annual fee isn’t waived for the first year. It is true that the JetBlue Plus card will cost you $99 even the first year you use the card. Other travel credit cards do not charge an annual fee for the initial year as an incentive for you to try the card and boost the initial net benefits.
  • Limited Redemption and Transfer Option There aren’t many methods to transfer or redeem the card’s points, aside from JetBlue flights or on vacations. It is possible to use points only for Hawaiian Airlines flights (12,000 to 100,000 miles for a round-trip) for purchases. Points can only be transferred to other customers’ JetBlue accounts. Some other airline cards allow issues to be used towards more purchases, such as transfers to partner loyalty programs.

JetBlue Plus Card Bonus

Cardmembers who are first-time users get the bonus of 50,000 points upon spending $1000 to make purchases and pay for the annual charge in total in the initial 90-day period. The bonus is approximately $994 based on our estimates. It is a remarkable return on just $1,000 spent and the annual fee of $99.

The bonus points worth 50,000 are usually deposited in your TrueBlue account between four and six weeks after eligible transactions have been posted to your account.

Rewards Earning Details

You can earn points with this JetBlue Plus credit card in many ways. Earn 6 points for every dollar you spend on JetBlue purchases and 2 points for groceries and restaurant purchases, as well as 1 point on any other purchase. There is no limit to the amount of points you earn, and the points never expire.

You also earn an annual bonus of 5,000 points that you can earn when you reach the anniversary of your account. To be eligible for these bonus points, your account has to be active, open, and in good financial standing. These points typically are paid out within 4 to 6 weeks of the anniversary date.

If you redeem your rewards on JetBlue flights, you will earn 10 percent of your points back as an added bonus. Points are deposited in your TrueBlue account approximately four to six weeks following the time of the flight. Your account must be active when you travel to earn these points.

Rewards Redemption Details

The primary method to redeem points is through JetBlue flights. In contrast to other airlines, the amount of points needed to reserve flights fluctuates with changes in the ticket’s cost. It is also possible to use points to purchase Hawaiian Airlines flights. Points can only be transferred to other members’ JetBlue accounts, but not for any loyalty program that you are an account.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

To earn the highest amount of points earn with Your JetBlue Plus credit card, begins by making a minimum of $1,000 within your first 90 days, which includes paying your annual fee during the time frame. Then, you’ll receive an additional 50,000 bonus points that amount to $710. This bonus is worth the money to warrant a minimum spending requirement even for regular purchases that earn only 1 point for every dollar spent.

Before and following those initial three months, make sure to record all JetBlue purchases into your credit card so that you can take advantage of the points-per-dollar earning of 6 points on those purchases. Additionally, you can book your JetBlue travel and vacation packages by visiting or the app for the airline. This will earn you the additional benefit of three points for each dollar you spend compared to making a reservation over the telephone or in-person with a travel agent, JetBlue counters at airports or offices.

Suppose you don’t have a card that gives you a better reward for a restaurant or grocery purchase. In that case, you’ll need to charge these expenses towards JetBlue Plus. JetBlue Plus as well; so that you can get the second-highest reward amount of two points for each dollar you spend. Similar applies to other purchases, but it’s more likely that a different card that you own could be at one point for every dollar reward that you’ll earn by charging these expenses to JetBlue Plus.

If you want to make use of the points you’ve earned through your JetBlue Plus card, redeeming them to pay for the flight part of a package vacation offers the highest price per point. It’s because if you purchase an air-only package that includes hotel rooms, the points you need for the airfare component in the deal are reduced by 10%. That raises the value of every point from 1.43 cents to around 1.57 cents for each point. The card also offers sweeteners by offering an annual discount of $100 on travel packages that cost less than the amount.

However, the hotel portion will make the trip more expensive regardless of the reduction and the $100 credit. This is the best value, but only if you reserve accommodations for your trip. The available in JetBlue’s package will meet your budget and needs.

JetBlue Plus Card’s Outstanding Perks

  • 10 points for award-flight redemptions
  • Get 5,000 bonus points on the anniversary of your cardholder.
  • The first checked bag is free.
  • Receive a statement credit of $100 to be used towards a JetBlue Vacation package purchase. Only available once per calendar year when you purchase at least $100 JetBlue vacation package
  • 50% discount on in-flight cocktails and food purchases

Cardholder Experience

The card’s issuer, Barclays, scored 796 in the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study was lower than the average score of 810 of nationwide issuers participating in the study. The card does not have outstanding customer support options are provided with this card. However, you can call Barclays U.S. at 866-928-8598 or send an encrypted message once you’ve login to your account via their website.


The security features offered by this card are standard in the market. They allow you to temporarily lock and unlock your card in case you lose it. This will prevent new or non-recurring transactions from getting authorized while your card has been locked. This can be useful until you figure out where you lost your card.

If you’re unable to locate your card, you may ask for a replacement. Replacement cards usually arrive within 7-10 business days, but they can be expedited with a charge. If you are traveling abroad, you can apply for a PIN and utilize the chip and PIN capabilities to make purchases at terminals that aren’t monitored and don’t offer any other options for purchase.

Fees to Watch out For

The card has an annual fee of $99, which does not get waived until the first year as with other cards. However, the card does charge no foreign transaction charges that are a particularly beneficial feature for a card that is an airline. Other than that, the charges are pretty standard for cards like this.

If you plan to transfer a balance to benefit from the offer of zero-interest-rate on-balance transfers during your first twelve cycles of billing, be sure you transfer the balances within 45 days after the account opening date. Also, keep in mind that there is a fee for balance transfers of $5 or 3.3% of the transfer value.


Even though the annual fee of $99, The JetBlue Plus card offers acceptable value, even for people who only travel occasionally using the carrier. In the initial year of possession, the 50,000-point once-only offer, which is worth around $710, can allow you to justify the cost several times over. Later on, the 5,000-point bonus valued at around $72 will help make the investment more palatable.

The 6-point-per-dollar rewards on purchases made through JetBlue are nearly unbeatable for purchases made with JetBlue. The two points-per-dollar rewards for grocery and gas purchases are also comparable to rewards provided by other cards. However, the one point-per-dollar earned on other purchases is rather mediocre. Think about using this card in conjunction with one that offers the universal 1.5 percent or more cashback to maximize the value of the rewards on all purchases.

If this card does not seem to be a good match due to the annual charge and you’re still looking to get a JetBlue credit card, you should consider using the JetBlue card. It only gives you 10,000 bonus points on the first purchase, and it offers only half the amount of points for each dollar you spend at JetBlue. However, other benefits and rewards are identical to JetBlue Plus. The standard JetBlue card does not have an annual cost.

The JetBlue card comes with perks for travel like access to lounges or seat upgrades. People who travel on several airlines and need an account that offers these luxury amenities may prefer the more general Travel credit card. It would permit you to use the points you earn for many different travel needs and a variety of airlines.

JetBlue Plus Card

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