JetBlue Credit Card

The JetBlue credit Card gives you three points for every dollar for JetBlue purchases and 2-points per $1 at grocery stores, restaurants, and other establishments. It offers a promotional introductory offer of 0 APR of 1% of 12 months for a balance transfer. There is no annual cost and does not charge foreign transaction charges.

Tips Advice: Tips: JetBlue Card is not one of our top airline credit cards. We have compiled a guide to the most popular credit cards for airlines for our opinions on the best options.


  • More Rewards On JetBlue purchases and purchases at Restaurants and Grocery Stores The card gives the benefit of 3 TrueBlue points on every dollar on JetBlue purchases and 2-points per $1 at grocery stores and restaurants. Some airline cards do not provide additional bonus categories that exceed the 1.5 percent cash back that the generic reward cards provide on every purchase.
  • A generous one-time offer If an annual fee-free credit card is accompanied by an added bonus, it’s an excellent positive. The 10,000-point bonus offered by this card is pretty easy to earn. It’s all you need to do is spend $1000 in the first 90 days, which is less than $300 per month.
  • Discounts on flights The cardholders are entitled to 50% off beverages and meals purchased in flight. Other airline-branded cards also offer the same discounts, but they’re usually between 20% and 25 percent.
  • 0 10% Intro APR on Balance Transfers The card has an exciting and unique benefit of an airline card. It offers an introductory APR of 0% on transactions for balances up to 12 months that will be credited to your account within your first 45-days after the account opening. The balance transfer charge of either $5 or 3.3% of the value of each transfer, which is higher for transactions that are posted on your account 45 days after the account opening date. Other cards also offer an initial balance transfer fee of $0 within up to 60 days of becoming a cardholder. Some also prolong the zero percent rate offer for an extended period. However, not the JetBlue card, unfortunately.
  • Free Foreign Transactions The JetBlue credit card does not have fees for foreign transactions. As it’s a Mastercard, it is accepted worldwide. A majority of credit cards have a 3.3% charge for foreign transactions.


  • A Few Benefits of Standard Credit cards with no annual fees don’t have a reputation for providing exceptional benefits. This airline card offers fewer benefits than the average. The perks for travel are limited to discounted meals and beverages.
  • Higher Rewards Rates found elsewhere If you are a frequent traveler using JetBlue often and frequently, the JetBlue Plus JetBlue Plus card could be a better choice. It provides 6 points per dollar you spend on JetBlue purchases and an additional 75,000 points. There is an annual cost of $99. Other credit cards offer higher rewards rates in restaurants and supermarkets, and some also have higher bonuses. For instance, the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card gives cash-back of 3% at U.S. supermarkets (up to $6,000 per year in purchases). In addition to it also offers the Bank of America Travel Rewards card’s bonus includes a value of $250.

JetBlue Credit Card Bonus

New cardholders get 10,000 TrueBlue points when they spend $1000 within the first 90 days following the account’s opening. The bonus can be worth up to $143, based on our points valuation model.

They aren’t the norm for credit cards with no annual fees, but some offer higher bonus offers, like the Chase Freedom card’s $200 bonus and the Bank of America Travel Rewards card’s 25,000-point bonus.

Rewards Earning Details

Rewards using this card are straightforward. Members earn three points for every amount spent on JetBlue purchases, 2 points for every dollar spent in restaurants or grocery stores, and 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases. Superstores and warehouse clubs, such as Target, Walmart, and Costco, don’t count in the category of grocery stores, however.

TrueBlue points are never lost as well as there’s no restriction on the amount of points that can be earned using this card. However, any points that haven’t been transferred to your JetBlue TrueBlue account can be forfeited in specific circumstances.

Rewards Redemption Details

Cardholders have three options to earn TrueBlue points. The redemption of points for flights via JetBlue will yield an average in the range of 1.42 cents percent. However, you could make a bit more money by using JetBlue’s vacation packages to cover the cost of the flight portion of the flight and hotel package.

It’s a shame that JetBlue has no award charts. The points required to reserve an award-winning flight differ based on airfares for the current flight.

You can also make reservations for flights with Hawaiian Airlines by calling 1-877-426-4537. The rate of redemption will be different according to the flight you select.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

Making the most of your rewards is easy. Just make sure to charge all JetBlue restaurants, food, and grocery store purchases with this card. There aren’t any spending limits or rotating categories to be concerned about.

Average Case

The data obtained from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics informs us that in one year, the average family of four spends $2,375 eating out and $4,942 for food items. These two expenses would yield 14,634 points which could amount to $207.80 following our estimates. This does not include any points you earn on JetBlue purchases or other purchases made with the card. Add the 10,000 miles bonus, and you’ll have enough points to cover certain round-trip flights if you are flexible about the dates as well as times and locations. You’ll be required to pay any applicable taxes and charges.

Aspirational Case

If you are in an aspirational case, you can choose to save points for three years before purchasing an international flight. Based on the above example, it would require at least 43,902 points, which is $623.40 in our estimate. This is even not taking points earned on JetBlue purchases or other purchases. JetBlue’s flight search engine found an all-around trip from Boston to Aruba at a price less than the points balance. Only one charge was any applicable tax or charges.


  • Points being pooled
  • No blackout dates
  • Chip technology
  • Zero Fraud Liability Protection

Cardholder Experience

Barclays U.S., the issuer of the JetBlue credit card, is ranked seventh among 11 card issuers across the country in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study. Barclays received a lower than average score.

The card doesn’t have any exceptional features that can enhance customer service. Contact Barclays US at 866-928-8598 or send a secure email after logging into your account.


Although the JetBlue card has the usual protections, it provides a few excellent benefits that you might want to take advantage of. Mainly, you can secure your card in the application to stop purchasing new items that aren’t recurring if you lose or misplace your card. You can also check your credit rating.

You can request a free replacement through regular mail if you ever lose or damage your card. If you’re not afraid of paying fees to get it, you can request rush shipping. You may also request a PIN for chip and pin transactions while traveling abroad.


The JetBlue card’s reward points on JetBlue purchases, dining out, and even grocery stores make it a great card for people who wish to save money on fees for an annual period. The 10,000 bonus points you earn for spending $1,000 in 90 days is an additional benefit in addition to the 0% APR on balance transfer over 12 consecutive months.

This card is perfect for those looking to accumulate JetBlue flights. It isn’t afraid of working and waiting until they have enough points. However, you could get other credit cards with higher rewards potential, including JetBlue points and other types of rewards. They are also available with or with no annual fee.

JetBlue Credit Card

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