Bitcoin Maximalism

Bitcoin Maximalists consider that Bitcoin, the world’s most adored cryptocurrency is the only digital asset required shortly. The maximalists believe that all the other cryptocurrencies are less valuable than Bitcoin. The maximalist view believes that all other cryptocurrencies do not conform to the principles formulated by an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin in 2009. […]

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is one cryptocurrency launched in August of 2017 as a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash added more blocks, allowed for the processing of more transactions, and improved the capacity of transactions. The cryptocurrency went through another fork in November 2018. Then it was split into two parts: Bitcoin Cash SV(Satoshi Vision) and Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Hard Forks

At the beginning of 2009, a cryptic software developer working under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published an application that was the basis for bitcoin, one of the initial cryptocurrencies. Since then, bitcoin has become a huge hit worldwide and has inspired many other digital currencies. Many cryptocurrencies utilize previously present technologies in Satoshi’s first concept […]

FICO Score

A FICO score is a credit score developed by Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). Lenders use borrowers’ FICO scores in conjunction with other information on their credit report to determine the risk to credit and decide if they should extend credit. FICO scores consider information from five areas that determine creditworthiness: Payment history Current debt levels […]

Credit Score

A credit score is a number that shows how creditworthy you really are consumer’s creditworthiness. It can range from 300 to 850. A borrower’s credit score measures how attractive they are to potential lenders. Credit is used to calculate credit score history, including open accounts, total debt levels, repayment history, and other factors. Credit scores […]

Green Dot Bank

Green Dot Bank, an online bank offering competitive rates via its high-yield savings accounts and unlimited cashback rewards via the spending account, is called Green Dot Bank. Green Dot has been a part of the Green Dot Corporation since 1999. Advantages High Yield Savings Account with Competitive APY: Green Dot’s high-yield savings account earns a competitive […]

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